Campus Volunteer’s Duties

IFU campus volunteers contribute to IFU’s NGO social mission “to make our overseas campus life safer, to keep our parents assured” by conducting the following three duties.

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Emergency Help

IFU can timely provide assistance to address the emergencies and connect parents and the students through our staff and corresponding campus volunteers when emergencies happen. Emergencies that could happen to international families include loss of connection, missing students, students’ psychological issues that lead to potential suicide, legal issues, and academic problems.

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Information Conveyance

IFU reduces the information gap between international students and their parents through both online and offline platforms. We share official news and announcements from universities, authentic overseas experience through our campus volunteers’ first-person perspectives, etc. We provide parents the channel to learn about their children, the student’s real life status overseas and we help students understand their parents' worries and love as well. We are the informational bridge between international families.

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Volunteer Activities

IFU volunteers cooperate with universities, local international students, and non-profit organizations for various volunteer activities. We’ve held various activities, including but not limited to contributing to wild animal conservation, helping disabled community’s study, international student parties, and seashore campfire parties. With those activities, we hope to help international students overcome language and cultural differences challenges and obtain a sense of belongingness overseas.


UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

UR (University of Rochester)

VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University)

GWU (George Washington University)

OSU (Ohio State University)

BU (Boston University)

NYU (New York University)

UWM (University of Wisconsin Madison)

NCSU (Northern Carolina State University)

UGA (University of Georgia)

AU (Auburn University)

TU (Tulane University)


UCI (University of California, Irvine)

UCSD (University of California, San Diego)

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)

UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara)

UCD (University of California, Davis)

UCB (University of California, Berkeley)

USC (University of Southern California)

UW (University of Washington)


UBC (University of British Columbia)

SFU (Simon Fisher University)

UA (University of Alberta)

Uvic (University of Victoria)

UCL (University College London)


NUS (The National University of Singapore)

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Event Recap & Monthly Report

In September, IFU campus volunteers started a new semester from summer vacation. This year, we cannot gather together in person, as usual, to chat about IFU and the experience abroad. But our team is still communicating with the communities on social media and helping international families deal with emergencies, like missing contact and mental health issues. Besides, we’re working on updating local Covid-19 situations, translating new policies and timelines from schools, and planning the school organizations’ future work. Monthly meetings are also coming up as the semester starts.


2017 Studying Abroad in California - Students & Parents Summit - Shanghai


2017 Studying Abroad in California - Students & Parents Summit - Shanghai

IFU X Shelter Helper 募集善款活动

IFU X Shelter Helper Fundraising Event

IFU X Shelter Helper 募集善款活动

IFU X Shelter Helper Fundraising Event


Lunar New Year Event


Lunar New Year Event

Become Campus Volunteer

IFU is dedicated to providing services to international families in bridging the information gap between international students and their parents back at home. We aim to help international students deal with problems in overseas safety, mental health, cultural shocks, academic and work pressure, etc. Campus volunteers are working to fulfill their mission through the following ways: emergency help, information conveyance, volunteer activities.

Campus Volunteer’s Duties

  • Connect parents and their children(overseas students) during emergencies;
  • Present a thorough and authentic picture of overseas life through international students’ first perspectives;
  • Provide parents with updated campus official news

Campus Volunteer’s Requirements

  • Current overseas students or had study abroad experiences
  • Bilingual speakers (fluent in English and Maindarin) preferred

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